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Paging dr. ama

Paging dr. ama

I will never forget traveling with a friend and one of her kids was acting dramatic about something and she spurted out “paging Dr. Ama”. I of course adopted this and my kids quickly learned exactly what that meant any time they were overreacting to a situation. I recently read that the amount of drama in a teens life is in direct proportion to the amount of passion they have. Increase their passion(s) and it will decrease the drama in their life. What do I mean by that? Well if they find a passion in a sport or dance or acting or whatever will inevitably place their focus on that instead of seeking out drama. If they do not have a passion they will look for something to focus on and usually it is some type of drama; gossip, self harm, insecurities, and all the other things that teen hormones exemplify.

How about you? Have you explored and found your own passion? Do you play up or play down the drama in your life & their lives? You are their role model. If you want to see your kids transformed by Gods word then they need to see it working in and through you. They will follow your lead. They are watching everything you do whether you know it or not. You are their role model.

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