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How do you rev up your day and get off to a great start??

How do you rev up your day and get off to a great start??

Maybe you need coffee or quiet time or some time at the gym. I honestly cherish all of those things to start my day but when I am ready to kick it into gear I turn on some 80’s New Wave or a little JT and I am dancing around and singing loud to get my fun on and my blood pumping! (I may have been in all my glory at an 80’s party in this picture)
Everyone should find a way to do this each day. Be silly, have fun, get your groove on! No really, do it. This is not my natural personality but I have always loved me some 80’s tunes and I know a sure way to get my day moving in the right direction is to turn it up loud and pretend that I am a rock star.
To find joy in the ordinary you need to find a way to be joyful. I would love to hear how you pump yourself up and start your day as your best self.

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