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Holiday Meal Prep Secrets

Holiday Meal Prep Secrets

“How the heck do I get my table to look like those Pinterest boards I keep saving?? Mine has mismatched bowls, measuring cups as serving utensils, I am a hot mess!”

Have you had similar thoughts? How do “they” do it? Here are my tips:

Don’t overthink it. Simple is better! A plain table cloth, Cloth napkins and silverware, simple dishes–even if they don’t match, glasses that match or coordinate, a salt and pepper shaker, a butter dish, a simple basket or bowl for your rolls, and then get a few serving dishes that either match or coordinate. Then just a few serving utensils that match or coordinate. Add a candle and a mini pumpkin, a gourd, or even some pinecones from the yard and you have a lovely simple table that is “Pinterest” perfect.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have an amazing table. Stack a salad plate on top of the dinner plate, add a napkin tied with raffia or a napkin ring, stick to a color “family” or palette ie. fall browns and oranges, white and silver/blues, off white and greens, etc.and don’t overcrowd the table with decor.

You got this! I can’t wait to see your pics!! Post in the comments.

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